About Us



The La Mansaamo Kpee (LMK) or La Town Development Association is a community-based non-governmental Organization based is La in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The Association, with the support of major stakeholders, primarily, the indigenous people represented by the Clan Houses, continue to remain focused in the discharge of its self-elected mandate.

1.2 Objectives

1.3 Vision and Mission

To create an enabling environment for human development and growth through the mobilization of both indigenous and external resources, human, financial and technology to improve the quality of life of members of the La Community in particular, and its rural settlements in general.

1.4. Values

The general belief of the Association is that the central government alone cannot provide for the needs of its citizenry. Self-help and volunteerism therefore remains the only option. The Association is therefore committed to maintaining and imbibing in the ordinary citizenry, especially Lamei, the culture of these core values– Self-help and volunteerism.

2.0 Governance

2.1 Executive Council
The Association is governed by an Executive Council which is responsible for the direction of resources in an effective and accountable manner; and exercises its executive powers on the basis of shared values.
The functions of the Executive Council as outlined in the constitution of the LMK are:
  1. Steer the affairs at General Meetings.
  2. Formulate policies to guide the Association.
  3. Carry out any other functions assigned to it by the General Assembly.
  4. Implement the policies, programmes and decisions of the Association.
  5. Initiate any viable ventures for the Association.


2.2 Standing Committees

The Standing Committees and Boards of the Association are: –
  1. Operations and Management Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Projects and Programmes Committee
  4. Education and Scholarship Committee
  5. Board of Governors – LMK Basic School
  6. Public Relations and Welfare Committee
  7. LATENU Representatives