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1.Toilet Projects



4.Kowe Jornaa


6.Clinic Project

La Maternal and Child Welfare Centre

Having realized the health needs of the La community and the seemingly slothful attitude in seeking medical care in time at the La General Hospital which is about a kilometer from the main township, the LMK decided to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of the community, hence the establishment of the La Maternal and Child Welfare Centre in 1988 to cater for children, lactating mothers and the aged. It operates weekly on Saturdays between 8.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.

The LMK Community Clinic

The Centre is manned by retired health personnel who work on voluntary basis. They comprised of:

  1.   A Medical Officer
  2. 3 Nurses
  3. 2 Supporting Staff

The Association has also constructed a three story clinic to facilitate easy health care accessibility for the La community and its surrounding towns.

 Basic School Project (Justice Nii Amaa Ollennu Basic School)


Complex (Justice Nii Amaa Ollennu Memorial Basic School). On the left is the un-completed main school block; and at the far right is the KG and Nursery block.

La Vocational & Technical Training Centre (LVTTC)


A new school block constructed in 2015 The LMK Basic School.











The Centre, established by the LMK in 1987 with support from the Inter Churches Community Organisation (ICCO) of Netherlands to provide vocational and technical training to the youth within the La community and its environs continue to serve its purpose. However, for the year under review (and for 4 years running), the centre operated only two modules comprising Dressmaking and Catering.

Enrolment into the Centre was affected considerably due to the lack of space after the centre was ejected from its former spacious location after the expiration of the leasehold in 2011.

Modules run by the centre at its inception include:-

  1. Carpentry and Joinery,
  2. Block Moulding and Masonry,
  3. Dressmaking, and
  4. Catering.


A devastation of the LVTTC and Block factory by torrential rains in 2014

A devastation of the LVTTC and Block factory by torrential rains in 2014

LMK/LCB Educational Fund (LAMEF)

The Association in 1997 instituted a scholarship scheme to assist brilliant but needy students of La to pursue an educational career to the highest level possible. The La Community Bank, in 2002, agreed to partner the Association to operate the fund with major support from the bank.

LAMEF awards up to 2014.
1 1997-2002 18
2 2002/2003 3
3 2003/2004 6
4 2004/2005 7
5 2005/2006 6
6 2006/2007 7
7 2007/2008 13
8 2008/2009 6
9 2009/2010 12
10 2010/2011 15
11 2011/2012 13
12 2012/2013 12
13 2013/2014 15

The fund is administered by a 7-member Education & Scholarship Committee (ESC) of the Association with a representation from the La Community Bank.

LATENU Community Radio Station 96.1 Mhz

The project was established in 1998 by LATENU Development Association under the leadership of the Association. The 3 sister communities that came together to establish the station are La Mansaamo Kpee, Teshie Man-noryaa Kpee and the Nungua-Krowor Development Association.

The station begun test transmission on 24th December 2014, and commenced full operation from 1st September 2015.

Block Factory

The block factory was established as part of the ICCO Project to help indigenous Lamei reconstruct dilapidated family houses within the La township.


A devastation of the LVTTC and Block factory by torrential rains in 2014